Telugu Tv Serial Aahwanam

Aahwanam Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
Aahwanam is a daily soap telecasted on Gemini TV. The story revolves around two daughters of Sivaram, Padmavathi and Nandini.

The story starts when Sivaram brings home an orphan girl Padmavati and introduces the family as a new member of their family. Ever, she since she enters the house, sivaram’s luck turns out to be good and thus the whole family treats Padmavati as own child, except Sivaram’s daughter Nandini.

Nandini who always wants to be the upper hand in all the matters hates Padmavathi from the core and always tries to surpass her by insulting her.

The story takes a twist when both Nandini and Padmavati get married in the same house and Padmavati becomes the elder daughter in law of the house. Padmavati marries the elder son Kalyan and Nandini falls in love with Kalyan’s brother Vikram.

Being elder daughter in Dasharath’s home, Padmavathi gets the control over the house and this fact is never digested by Nandini who used to rule the house earlier.

Padmavathi’s husband Kalyan is smart looking but uneducated and dumb. In the later part of the story, Kalyan suspects Padmavati and insults her. Padmavati who is with a high self-respect gets out of the home and starts a small business for her survival. She even continues her studies and earns a degree. Within very less time span Padmavati’s business expands and she earns a very good name in the society.

Kalyan, who realized his mistake, invites Padmavati to his life again. How Padmavati reacts to his invitation is the story.

Aahwanam is a Most Popular series telecasted on Gemini daily at 1:30 PM from Monday – Friday.