Tamil Tv Show Thulluvadho Ilamai

Other names of : Thulluvatho Ilamai - Jaya Max
Thulluvatho Illamai Hindi tv-shows on Jaya Max

This broadcast had been telecast in various forms in different channels all over the globe. The show had turned to be one of the ways to attract the youths to view the network. Right from the advent of the satellite communication and cable television Act of 1999, the content were being repeated. \

Thulluvadho Illamai has a brand to former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu viz. Mr. M. G. R. and the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Miss. J. Jayalalithaa. The duet had become a biggest hit and had commonly known among the youths in late 60s. Thulluvadho Illamai denotes that the young guns were free like a bungee and could jump anywhere all the time. The event had an interview format background. The anchors of the program rope in various categories of college students and debate on various issues pertaining to the youth in the country. Unlike the traditional ways, the questions are friendlier in nature.

The crew travel all the way through the cities of Chennai and Coimbatore @ Kovai and trigger the query. The idea behind these questions was to advertise the advent of a new channel in the city combined with the view of the youths on any particular issue. The raise in the viewership per day has to be noted.

The most watched episode in the entire drama has been the Valentine’s Day celebration. One would think that the youngsters would often have a good opinion upon it. On the contrary, many students felt that celebrating the 14th day of February every year has only enjoyed for public display of affection. It had grown to be an obsession among their peers to enjoy on that evening.

The second most watched episode has the celebration of the Independence Day. It had shown a negative impact leading to the discontinuation of the suite as some of the candidates had misunderstood the Republic Day with it. During the actual telecast, the editors had added some of the worst counters to tease those pupils. This provoked a set of friends form a particular college. They started to condemn the activities by using comments on the YouTube page as well trolls in the Facebook page. They did not understand the wrong on their part rather abused the media. Most of the comments have now been blocked and that particular chapter had been re-edited and posted.

Another version of the Show...

Thulluvadho Ilamai was a Tamil Television Show Aired in Jaya Max. The show premiered on 2020 and concluded on 2021. Vj Elevenil and Mr. Surya hosted the show. This show featured music from a variety of Tamil languages. The program's host also discussed movies and all the behind-the-scenes information from each film. Those viewing this music television show could be older and younger, and both could appreciate the tunes. Pop songs and love ballads were among the many genres of music played during the performance. Every night it aired on Jaya Max from 10 p.m. All of the viewers who enjoy listening to various genres of Tamil music would enjoy this presentation.