Tamil Tv Show Sigaram Thodu

Sigaram Thodu Tamil TV SHOWS on VASANTH TV

Sigaram Thodu airs on Vasanth TV, which is a Tamil entertainment channel. In this show, the host brings out some of the most innovative and useful inventions developed by talented college students. These inventions are based on the current needs of the market and showcase the expertise of the young generation in finding solutions to various problems with the help of technology.

Each episode of the show starts with the host providing brief information on the inventions that are going to be showcased. The host mentions the name of students that came up with the innovation and also the name of the college from which these students belong. After the introduction, the host interviews the students about what they have developed. They are asked questions regarding how they came up with the idea, how their innovative product works, what sort of effort that went behind making it, how it will benefit humanity and other related questions. The visuals of each invention are also shown with the students explaining their creation to the viewers.

In one particular episode, the host presents the invention of “Tree Ambulance” and “Balloon Satellite.” The inventor of “Tree Ambulance” mentions how his creation can help the trees that are on the verge of falling and how to save them. He showcases the mobile application that people can use to avail of the many services of “Tree Ambulance,” including new tree plantation, restoration, transplantation, and others. He also explains the entire working of his product. On the side, the inventor of the “Balloon Satellite” shows how the use of normal balloons fitted with pieces of equipment can be a very cost-effective solution to the much expensive satellites.

The main motive of this show is to appreciate the skills of today’s youth and to provide a wider recognition of their inventions. It also exposes the audience to the technological competency of the new generation.