Tamil Tv Show Pathukku Pathu

Pathukku Pathu Hindi tv-shows on Jaya Max

Pathukku pathu is a show that was aired on Jaya Max. The format of this show is that they would play the top ten songs that were ranked by the audience. The collection of songs that received a huge response and adored by the viewers are played sequentially. This show will also bring up some new ideas, as they provide snazzy topics such as the top ten songs of favorite artists and melody hits. Viewers should also rate their favorites from the given topic. If any celebrity’s birthday is approaching, then they would ask the viewers to vote for their favorite song performed by the celebrity, and the top ten rated songs would be played on the weekends.

This show mainly provides prior importance to the viewers by playing the songs rated up by the audience. In this way, this show has gained immense viewers. Viewers also adore watching shows that play their favorite tracklist, and it soothes their minds.