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Chhota bheem is an Indian-comedy television series that gets premiered in the year 2008 on pogo tv. It gets created by Rajiv Chilaka. The show focuses on the adventure of a boy and his friends in the kingdom of Dholakpur. The boy is named as Bheem. Bheem and his friends are involved in the task of protecting Raja Indravarama, the king of Dholakpur from various evils. The rival of Bheem is Kalia, who is jealous of bheem ‘s popularity. The Kalia and his two brothers named Dholu and Bholu always tries to embarrass bheem, but never get success. The story revolves around bheem and his close friends’ names as Chutki, Raju, and Jaggu.

Most of the episodes focus on bheem and his team solving various problems affecting the village and fighting against evils. It is one of the favorite cartoons of the children. The genre of the cartoon is Comedy, Drama, Action, and Adventure. The running of the show is 11 minutes approximately and, the production company is named as, Green Word Animation. The total number of episodes is 277.