Tamil Tv Show Attakathi

Attakathi Tamil tv-shows on MAKKAL TV

Attakathi is a children’s based reality game show which came on the channel Makkal TV. The series is a Tamil language one which came on between every Monday and Friday. The program got designed for young children and featured programs which aided their overall growth as well as development. It featured children as the hosts for various segments of the series. It got targeted at the holistic development of the kids and provided valuable information not just for them but their parents as well. The show featured various animation programs for the children’s entertainment as well.

The variety offered aims to engage the children and give them all the right tools for them to grow and develop properly. The show got filled with various fun as well as entertaining games, all of which had a humorous angle with them. All this made them a great watch providing high entertainment value. The episode consists of multiple segments as well where kids who get invited to the show can win prizes. The games in each of the segments are of a fun nature. If the kids win, they got awarded with different kinds of awards and prizes. These too get selected keeping in mind what a young child would enjoy and like.

The entire program has a very fun environment where these small children get to play and have a good time. The show’s anchor keeps interacting with the kids and makes sure there is a lot of light as well as humor filled conversations. The environment thus remains a very fun filled one where all the kids who are present on the show. The children reply to the questions posed in front of them with complete honesty and in such an unabashed manner that only young children can really do. The program gives rise to various funny situations which make the mood a very light-hearted as well as comic one.

The kids are the real attraction over here. The host continues to interact with them all throughout the length of the episode. The questions asked to them often elicit some highly hilarious answers. Their innocence and naivety provide some highly comic content. It forms a complete package filled with fun as well as entertainment. The show got a lot of love from the audience members for featuring a very different nature of the content. It garnered a lot of positive reviews as well as ratings and put the channel on the map. The children are the real attractions of each and every episode.