Tamil Tv Serial Vaanam Vasapadum

Vaanam Vasapadum Tamil Tv serials on Jaya tv
Vaanam Vasapadum is an informative, yet entrainment show. It was being telecasted on Jaya TV, Sundays morning between 10:30 to 11:00.
Vaanam Vasapadum deals with promising inventors, achievers and showcases their new, innovative creations and talents. In each segment, the “Vaanam Vasapadum” team selects endowed people, who have a particular talent, but not been recognized. This show is a boon for young talented people to get popular. Each episode is divided into two or three segments; they show us new inventions in each segment. 

In the first episode, “Thavil” (Barrel shaped drum) manufacturer R. Loganathan tells us how Thavil is made and shares us interesting information on Thavil manufacturing. In Episode 11, the team shows us about “Honey Bee Cultivation” and Couple of Students (Mechanical Engineering) from Meenakshi Engineering College showcases their invention on “Hybrid Compact Car”. In episode 15, Anandan, student of Manakula Vinayagar College (Pondicherry) shares his invention, “Coconut Dehusking Machine”.“Women Self Defense Electric Machine”, an invention of Alphonse (Teacher in Kaligi Ranganathan Montford Matriculation Higher Secondary School) was showcased on 13th episode. 

Vaanam Vasapadum is one of the successful shows of Jaya TV; this programme started on 2nd of March, 2014 and completed 25 episodes and still being telecasted every Sunday. Famous television show anchor Antony Raj (Anchor of Thanthi TV’s Yaathrigan (Ponniyin Selvan)) hosts the show.