Marathi Tv Show Apsara Aali

Apsara Aali Marathi TV SHOWS on zee yuva

Dancing denotes a happy soul and mind. It is a way to heal and speak in the ancient language of emotions. Whenever we hear music, it's like liquid adrenaline being pumped right into our body and mind making us tingle with the desire to move, and we start moving with the rhythm and beats. Dance is to free the mind, and "Apsara Aali," telecasted on Zee Yuva, does that exactly. It is a dance reality show that enables young and new dancers from all over Maharashtra to participate in a friendly dance battle and showcase their talents. The show helps to enhance the participants' confidence. It provides them with a chance and brilliant opportunity to follow their goals in the world of entertainment and make a successful career out of it.

The participants are chosen via rounds of auditions. Then the selected competitors are invited to the show. They compete against each other by showcasing their dancing skills in front of an audience and judges. The show is presided over by Sonali Kulkarni, Deepali Sayyed, and Surekha Punekar, who are the respective judges and judge the acts of the participants accordingly. Winners are chosen each night, competing in one final battle on the grand finale. Whoever wins the hearts of the judges and audiences throughout the show wins the coveted title 'Apsara' and exciting prizes.