Hindi Tv Show The Lords Challenge

The Lord's Challenge Hindi TV SHOWS on Star Utsav

The Lord’s Challenge is a TV show produced by Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship International, a Christian organization started by N. Daniel. This is a follow-up of all the radio broadcasts of ‘The Lord’s Challenge’ which also used to air in different countries like United States of America, Germany, Venezuela, United Kingdom, etc. The Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship International was set-up in Madras in 1935 and it has its own website too. This website provides a schedule for all the upcoming and past programs in a chronological order to keep the viewers in the loop of show timings so they do not miss the broadcasts.

N. Daniel was a Mathematics teacher at a school in Andhra Pradesh and after that, he devoted his life to the success of this organization; to help people and to get the message across to as many people as possible, to help them reach enlightenment or at least make their day-to-day life easy to live. In this show, various biblical stories and gospels are shared along with personal experiences of how these stories apply to the present times as well. After the demise of Brother Joshua N. Daniel, his son continued to run the organization with just as much enthusiasm.

He used to talk about how everyone should strive to be like Jesus Christ, so as to rid ourselves of the 7 sins; greed, hatred, sorrow, selfishness, anger, jealousy, and lust. This, according to him, would also help us avoid the nasty consequences arising out of the above-mentioned emotions. After his death in 2014, his son John J. Daniel has carried the torch from Brother Joshua N. Daniel. Since May 2008, live telecasts of their retreats are televised and broadcasted to the viewers to make this yearly event enjoyable for them as well.

This show has been on air on the Subhavaartha channel for a while and the viewers will now be able to catch the broadcast of this show in the evenings as well. This show will surely provide a good way to end a hectic day at work. Because after all, a few encouraging words about the fact that God loves you, will surely cheer anyone up right? So, tune-in to Subhavaartha channel at 8:30 pm every Thursday!