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Superdude is an Indian reality television series. The show depicted the art of charming a woman and asking her out successfully. The show was brought up by the Indian channel of UTV Bindaas. Ashmit Patel who is known to be a charming fellow and a womaniser hosts the show. The series and its concept had been the first of its kind on Indian television. As the format of the show followed hitting and charming women, the critics were sceptical about the response, it may receive. But the show outperformed all the other shows on the channel and was a big hit. It became one of the most popular reality series among the young viewers.

The format of the show begins with ten male contestants. These boys are assigned an array of tasks throughout the show. The tasks are mainly of nature wherein the boys have to impress a girl, get her to give him her number, ask her out on a date, and so on. The contestants are judged by measuring the performances of these guys, either their success of the completion of the task or failure. The judges of the show who are Ashmit Patel, Sofia Hayat, and Madhura Naik, measures these boys’ performances and decides who among them deserved to be called the Superdude.

After each episode’s task gets completed, the round two asks these boys to impress the female judges or convince them to keep them on the show through their charm or wit. The person who failed to perform the first task and subsequently gave the worst performance in the second round is asked to leave the show, or in other words, he gets eliminated. All the contestants stay in one house called the Dude Mansion. Ashmit Patel who is one of the judges and also the host of the show, gives all these boys tips on dating, how to woo a woman, how to get a girl give you her number, and so on.

The concept was coined by Ashmit, who is apt with the format as his reputation goes. The first season’s winner was Paras Zutshi, who outdid every guy on the show and won the title of the Superdude. The concept of the show tests the quality of a guy on how much he can charm a woman, and how many women. The concept got popular as the show went on and it gained a lot of viewership ratings and popularity. The show went to become the most popular show on the channel.

Another version Of This Serial:

Superdude is an Indian reality show which is being aired on UTV Bindaas. It features the male contestants who are required to perform a series of tasks which are mostly done with female participants to impress them and also to impress the judges. The format of the show is that every week one of the contestants is eliminated from the show as he is not able to impress the judges to the level that he gets saved by them. The trophy of the first part of the serial was won by Paras Zutshi. Thus for a boy who only dreamt of coming to this big entertainment industry, winning the show was incredible.

One of the tasks on the show was the ‘Dark Room’ challenge in which the boys were blindfolded and couldn’t see the girls. They could only see their moves and thus woo them. Thus the fellows did not know what was waiting for them in that dark room. In the room the famous Bollywood actress Aditi Rao Hydari was watching the performances of the boys. Thus the final decision of the winner was done by Aditi herself. She was very much impressed by Paras and the way he played the game in that dark room. Thus the host of the shoe Ashmit crowned Paras and declared him the winner of the show. He not crowned him with the winner of the show but also gave him the title of ultimate Superdude of India. He was not only given the titles but also won a bindass Superdude chopper for himself, which had been offered by Vardenchi Motorcycles and was worth 10 lakhs. Due to the growing popularity of the show the second season was aired. The show went viral on TV from October 27, 2012 with 13 contestants.

The show was hosted and judged by the actor, Ashmit Patel and also the singer turned actor Sofia Hayat, and has been co-hosted by the famous television personality Madhura Naik. The contestants used to live in a custom made house called Dude Mansion. They were given dating tips by Ashmit Patel to improve their performances so that they do not get eliminated. Thus Ashmit trained the boys to showcase their talent and he also helped them in polishing themselves in front of the girls and the judges so that they are saved from the terror of elimination. Thus the show was liked by the audience as another season of the serial started just after the end of the first season.