Hindi Tv Show Super Star Buzz



The Airtel Super Star Buzz was a show that aired every Sunday on Star Plus in 2011. Hosted by Ayushmann Khurrana, the now heartthrob actor of Bollywood, was once an anchor hosting TV shows, award shows and a contestant of 'Roadies.' In an episode, he speaks about how a mustache is trending in the Bollywood role for a police officer.

He tells that the trend was first started by Salman Khan for his role in ' Dabangg' as 'Inspector Chulbul Pandey', and ends the topic adding that actor Aamir Khan will also be starring in Reema Kagzi's ' Talaash' as a Police Officer with a mustache on his face. He also tells that actors such as Manoj Bajpai and Sanjay Dutt had already opted for this method. The show also contained humor elements such as mimicry, some good punch lines and also some bad PJ's.

Apart from speaking of trends, the show focused on telling the 'behind the scenes' of the industry. It spoke about how fast forwardly the industry works, apart from all conflicts and breakups/patch-ups, the cast, producers, and directors work together as one to maintain professionalism. Ayushmann also spoke about his analysis of relations between Aamir and Salman and appreciates the bond of their friendship even after being a competition for each other. In an episode, he also reviews a B- Grade movie "Be Careful" released in 2011.

Apart from this movie, the show also focused on reviewing other movies keeping the direction, production, and selection of crew and cast in consideration. The show also rated Bollywood actors, actresses, songs and movies on a weekly basis from top to bottom on the scale of five and generated the list on the credibility of votes they received from the public through text messages. The show was all about Bollywood ratings and reviews as in the episodes he spoke about the lifestyle of Bollywood stars, the upcoming trends in Bollywood film shoots, movie reviews song reviews and many more related updates.

Ayushmann has his style of hosting through his amazingly attractive techniques, that make you laugh and keep your eyes glued on him while he's speaking. His mimicry skills are commendable when he acts like Sunny Deol, a Gujarati person and many more like these. His skills will automatically drag you to what he's talking about in all of these episodes.