Hindi Tv Show Magicskool

Magicskool Hindi tv-shows on Pogo

Magicskool is a new and interactive magic show which always appears on Sunday and was cast by India’s preferred kid’s channel POGO which takes the young viewers on a magical journey. The show focuses on bringing the magic in everyone’s life especially for the children and the artist and host Rob whose real name is Harun Robert host the show and shows different tricks to the students. Rob always teach his fans simple magic tricks, magical brain teasers and vanishing objects.

The show Magicskool brings a new concept of learning different techniques to the children which help them to develop their skills in art learning which gives them new hope to rise in future and to learn something new.Rob always been a great source to the people to learn magic tricks, those tricks made them take an interest in new learning and being crazy about thinking differently. It is a high energy magic show that blends the world of illusion with witty entertainment. A highlight of the show is the “Masti Meter”. Kids can also enter Rob’s world of magic online.The launch of Magicskool gives the opportunity to provide its fans with content that is innovative, interactive and entertaining.

Magicskool also teaches the secrets behind the most exclusive and enthralling magic tricks which are coveted by kids and adults alike. All this and more as India’s most popular kid’s host encourages creativity to become the ultimate destination for kids. The concept of the magic show is so real that it attracts the audience a lot which makes them have faith in magic and the magic tricks showed by the Rob is surprisingly good, and there are loads which make people get attracted to it. One of the most amazing magic tricks is the bubble converting into a marble bubble ball.The ease carried by the artist Rob is liked by the viewers the most.