Hindi Tv Show M.A.D.

M.A.D. Hindi TV SHOWS on Pogo

This show stands for Music, Art, and Dance. It is in the category of Indian educational programme for children. It is aired on Pogo and was under the production of Meditech. The show was first aired in 2005, and it had seven seasons. The director and host of the show were Rob (Harun Robert). He would show different arts, and how to do it easily.

The show aired its last episode in 2010 but it is still a favorite of the 90’s kids. The show had various sections in it like ‘Make it easy,’’ unnamed art section,’ ‘the big picture,’ ‘in motion,’ and ‘in stereo.’ Sometimes, even the kids were called into the show, and they saw Rob doing some art, and they tried it themselves. The show was a great source of entertainment with education for the kids.