Hindi Tv Show Halla Bol

Halla Bol Hindi TV SHOWS on Aaj Tak

Halla Bol is a popular Hindi TV show telecasted on Aaj Tak every day from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M. The show highlights some of the major issues which exists in the society, that is of concern to the nation. The makers invite people from various parts of the country to post their concerns to the decision makers of the country. The program features famous politicians, celebrities, and renowned personalities, who are invited to express their opinion during the debate. The presenter of the show is Mrs. Anjana Om Kashyap. Her charming personality and dominant nature makes the show captivating for the viewers.

Halla Bol on Aaj Tak has always been vocal about various issues which exist in the society from the very beginning like corruption, women safety, healthcare, and inflation etc. The makers of the show have always tried to bring out the social issues in front of media to be debated on. To fight various causes, the makers of Halla Bol uses a unique strategy to create social awareness among people. Since Bollywood movies have a lasting effect on people, the program featured a series of animated videos from Rohit Shetty’s movie “Singham Returns”, which showed Actor Ajay Devgn as Bajirao Singham. One of the videos featured how Bajirao Singham cleared a street for an ambulance to pass so that the patient’s life can be saved.

The popularity of the show depends on the selection of the topics which are of interest for potential viewers. Halla Bol has always tried to present unbiased information. The show is a hit with people of all age groups. To make the program more interesting, the makers of the show travel to various parts of the country to shoot the episodes there. During such visits, people with political background and audience of that area are invited to be a part of the discussion.

Recently, a few months ago during the shoot of Halla Bol in Varanasi, the crowd got out of control and took to violence to show their agitation against the corrupted political system existing there. Finally, the debate had to be stopped as the police were called to intervene. In another episode, in the name of religion, a famous leader of Jamiat Ulema, Mufti Muhammad Ilyas triggered a controversial argument by claiming that the first prophet of Muslims was Lord Shiva. He further added that all Indians living in India are Hindus. Needless to say, he was later slammed by other Muslim leaders and scholars for this statement.