Hindi Tv Show Disney Q Family Mastermind

Disney Q Family Mastermind Hindi TV SHOWS on DISNEY TV

As the name suggests, this show is being aired on the Disney Channel India. It drives inspiration or is rather the Indian version of the popular BBC game show Mastermind in which four or more contestants play a game of general knowledge questions to win the title of Mastermind. In the Indian version, instead of random competitors, random families are pegged against one another and they compete to be called the Family Mastermind. BBC is in charge of producing this show also. The game consists of four rounds. The first round is for general knowledge and the contestant is the youngest member of each family. The round is of ninety seconds in which the host Benjamin Gilani asks a string of rapid fire questions which the contestant can either answer or pass.

A buzzer blows when the time is over. If the timer is sounded in between a question, it is completed by the host, and the contestant can either answer it or pass it. The whole family plays the second round which is again a general knowledge round of two minutes. The family decides a topic from a set of eight topics. The questions are asked from the first member until he/she passes it. It then goes on to the next family member and so on. The third round, known as the ‘specialized subject’ round is again of ninety seconds. In this, the family nominates a member who decides on a specialized theme on which he/she will answer the questions asked by the host. The fourth round is similar to the second one; the difference is just that there is negative marking of one point for every wrong answer.

The family which is lagging behind regarding points starts this round. The winner of the episode is the family which accumulates the most points after all the rounds are over. The show was on the air for only a season back in 2013, but it was successful in gaining the audience’s praise and likeness. The host Benjamin Gilani was very impressive and quickly became a common name in Indian households due to his unique way of hosting. He is an experienced actor having worked in various movies and shows. His most notable work was his portrayal of Jawaharlal Nehru in the movie Sardar.