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Chak De Phattey is an Indian Punjabi film which was released in 2008. It is an adventure comedy film which was produced and directed by Smeep Kaur. The movie is about a Canadian NRI female named Simran who is working as a manager at a cafeteria in Chandigarh. The other characters are JB, Goldy, and PinkaBoond, who chase Simran throughout the movie. All three of them are interested in Canada than in Simran. On the other hand, another guy named Smeep actually falls in love with Simran, since the time he first sees her. Smeep had first seen her 3 years ago when Simran’s hotel management course, since then he had lost track of her whereabout. In the movie, Smeep and Goldy are roommates and live in Chandigarh.

One day Goldy happens to find an ad in a Punjabi newspaper about an NRI Canadian girl looking for a suitable match. After reading the news, he gets excited and decides to meet this girl.Trying not to make it obvious about his intention, he tries to become friends with Simran before proposing her. Meanwhile Smeep also somehow happens to find the whereabouts of Simran and goes to meet her. Both Simran and Smeep seem very happy to see each other after a long time. Then starts a rivalry between Smeep and Goldy, both wanting to impress Simran for different reasons. Meanwhile, JB enters the scene, who is a middle-aged man and quickly befriends Simran. Feeling threatened, Goldy and Smeep tries to show his true colours to Simran but fails. They later accept the fact that all three of them have to compete with one other to win Simran.

As if the three of them were not enough, one more character enters the drama, Pinka Bhoond. He shows up in the disguise of a very rich business person. Simran happens to be friends with him too, which again threatens both Goldy and Smeep. They make various attempts to show his true colours to Simran and are successful, but that doesn’t effect Simran much. Later Smeep finds out from a servant of Simran that she is getting married in Bhatinda. All the four guys get really upset and Smeep leaves for his home in Bhatinda feeling disappointed. But the other three plans to break the marriage. Soon they find out that it’s Simran’s aunt that’s getting married and not Simran.Simran happens to learn about their plan and assumes all four were involved in it, so she destroys her bond with all of them.

Conclusively JB, Goldy and Pinka Bhoond accept their mistakes and spill out all the truth to Simran. When Simran finds out about Smeep’s feelings, she declares that she too loves Smeep. In the background, a lady from Vancouver says that she’d too like to have a son- in- law like Smeep. JB, Goldy and Pinka Bhoond hears this and start their new mission. When these entire scenes are presented in a comic form, it produces a lot of situational humor for sure.