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Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Shaadi Hai Ya Sauda

Ye Shaadi Hai Yaa Sauda Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Yeh Shaadi Hai Ya Sauda is an Indian television series that is telecasted in the national channel of DD every afternoon. The female protagonist of this daily soap opera is being played by the actress from Bhopal, AishwaryaKhare. Under the banner of MauryaFilms, this serial is being made, and the direction is being looked after by Lal Vijay Shahdeo. In the slot of 02:30 p.m. the show is telecasted on every weekday, from Monday all the way through to Friday.

By the words of the director, the serial is based on the horrendous tradition of the country where young girls are being sold by their parents as a commodity and forcefully they are being married to guys who are much older than them. He even shared one of his own past experiences, where he rescued a fourteen-year-old girl who was being forced to marry a thirty-five-year-old man. At that time he used to run a small theater company in his town, and after the incident, he began to spread awareness about this matter among the masses.

As per him, this tradition is highly visible in Haryana, and that is why he kept it as the backdrop of the serial. The lead character, which is being played by Aishwarya, is named Ambika. She is the one in this plot who falls prey to this vicious tradition, and the story goes on to tell what happens next. Ambika belongs to a very humble family in Haryana. She is a very bright student and is often praised by the teachers for her excellence. One day when she comes back from her school, she learns that she is going to be married off soon.

As marriage is a dream for every woman, she gets enthralled about it. But as soon as she learns that her wedding is before the completion of her education, she becomes totally against it. Eventually, she learns that the man she is going to be married to is almost double her age, and this adds to her misery. Although she is alone, she tries to fight against her family and disagree to marry. The story leads to many twists and well-developed plot points and makes this serial a very nice work on such a social issue.

The serial is being co-produced by Nirmata Jayaprakash Maurya, Ravi Khare, Kanika Verma, and Deepak Simhal. Ravi Khare is a very renowned Bhajan singer from the city of Bhopal.