Hindi Tv Serial Shake It Up

Shake It Up Hindi tv-serials on DISNEY TV

Shake It Up - Released on March 30, 2013, by Disney Channel; this show was a comedy series revolving dance. The series focused on the life of two close friends Neel Walia (Sparsh Shrivastava) and Yash Mehta ( Ojas Godatwar), who dreamt of becoming professional dancers. Their aspirations come true when they are selected as background dancers on a famous teen show ‘Shake It Up, Mumbai’.
While they try to learn challenging steps and enjoy their popularity, they also had to focus on footwork to match with the fellow dancers. Manjot ( Ayush Narang) and Mandeep (Riddhi Arora) were strong competitors. Juggling school, home and dance duties, the boys get into hilarious adventures and situations, challenging their friendship. But all the things ends well, the lads learn life lessons and conclude at correct decisions. They learn that it’s not about winning; it’s about sharing and caring.

Shake It Up offered a distinctive mixture of music and dance, through a lesson of encouraging the young to chase their dreams. Disney Channel has always been in the limelight for its marvelous storytelling and has established a passionate link between kids and their family. Asawri Joshi played the role of Neel’s mom and Akshat Saluja as the host of 'Shake It Up, Mumbai'. This show is the Indian version of American show Shake It Up. It was created by Chris Thompson and aired every Saturday. Thus, this story revolved around these two 13-year-old buoyant teenagers who took their first steps to professional dancing.
Neel plays the lead role in the series. Though he is a talented dancer, he faces a lot of issues with school activities. He assumes that he is the cool chap of school. He mostly gets scolded by his mother but shares a brotherly relationship with Yash. 

Yash is the second lead. He is more talented than Neel regarding dance as well as studies and karate. He is always seen pulling the leg of Mandeep and Manjot. Ayush ( Faiq Shaikh) is the younger brother of Neel and Jay (Preet Rajput) is the elder brother of Yash. Kiran ( Asawari Joshi) is the single mom of Neel and Ayush. She is always seen scolding Neel for his mistakes and is a police Inspector. Manjot is the twin brother of Mandeep. He plays the character of a stupid boy in the series. Mandeep is the twin sister of Manjot, who has same qualities as him. Jay being a dancer himself doesn’t take part in ‘Shake It Up’ as he is busy making girlfriends. He is always seen helping Neel and Yash.

This show portrayed the journey as they embarked on a roller coaster ride of harmonizing their new found freedom and admiration along with the demands of school and family duties.