Hindi Tv Serial Sailaab

Sailaab Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Sailaab is a story of love, friendship, betrayal and forgiveness. The story is about two people who madly fell in love with each other, Shivani and Rohit, but their love story remained incomplete. The different phases of life they undergo, and how other people get affected by them. The series was directed by Ravi Rai, who is known for his serials in this genre, and the show was broadcasted in the year 1995 till 1998. The show was one of the biggest hits of Zee TV at that time.

The story starts with Rohit, who has come to Mumbai to become something and is struggling at present. He somehow crosses ways with Shivani, who lives with her elder brother and his wife. Shivani’s elder brother is quite fond of Rohit and every night he spends some play time with Rohit. While Rohit visits Shivani’s elder brother, he comes close to Shivani as well and they fall in love with each other. Shivani has a close friend named Gayatri, with whom Shivani shares all about Rohit. This is the starting part of the story.

When Rohit and Shivani tell about their love story to Shivani’s elder brother he goes dead against their relationship, as Rohit is not settled yet. Shivani gets married to some other person named Avinash, because she was being emotionally blackmailed by her brother. Parallely, Rohit gets married to Shivani’s best friend Gayatri. From there on the friendship between Gayatri and Shivani ends and Shivani goes away from both their lives.

The story takes a leap, and it is shown that Rohit has become a successful person in life and has a lot of money. He is reputed now, own big business and office and also is happy with her wife. Parallely, even Shivani and Avinash are quite happily settled. One day, as luck would be, Shivani crosses path with Rohit and they both are reminded of their old love. They keep meeting each other again and again, and fall in love once again. They start having an affair, out of their marriage. This goes on for a while, but then Gayatri and Avinash come to know about the fact and they both are shattered. They, however, give an option to Shivani and Rohit to carry on with their lives, but then Rohit and Shivani decide otherwise and go on with their original marriage itself.

'Renuka Shahane' As Shivani :Renuka is 48 years of age and she started off her career with a famous serial named Surabhi in the year 1993. She is a known face in Indian film world as well as television world. She has done about a dozen of movies and serials. She has made her mark not only in Hindi film and TV world but also in Marathi cinema.

'Sachin Khedekar' As Rohit :Sachin is a known face of Indian cinema wherein he has done over 100’s of role in various movies. He was awarded for his acting in Sailaa. Sachin is in show-biz since 1990 and started off his career with a Marathi movie.

'Prajakti Deshmukh' As Gayatri: Prajakti is no more attached to show-biz and has settled in Indonesia. She did a few serials and then she joined as a teacher for art of living classes. Sailaab was her only known serial.

'Mahesh Thakur' As Avinash​: Mahesh is a fun loving person and all his roles, that he has done in past, are eccentric to his personality. He has done a dozen of movies and serials and haa impressed his audience with his flawless acting.