Talat Aziz Hindi Actor
Poetry is what Talat Aziz lives for. Talat is one of the most famous Urdu language poets in the Indian Entertainment Industry; not only fancied over here (India), but also respected in other countries such as Pakistan, USA, and United Kingdom. He did numerous shows (concerts) in these countries.

Talat Aziz belongs to a noble and respectful family. He was conceived on November eleventh 1956, in Hyderabad, India. Since youth, he used to write poetry, and in a meeting he said that his family had enormous influence in making him a fine craftsman. They used to have Mehfils, in which everybody from the family who thought they could write poetry, used to present their work. He was Mehdi Hassan's student (a fine and skilled craftsman) and learned music from him. The motivation behind why he got so prominent in the business so early was that he began learning music from an extremely young age. Other than this he got his Bachelor of Commerce degree from The Indian Institute of Management and Commerce.

Talat Aziz has composed music for some Indian TV serials and a few movies as well. made him move to Mumbai in 1976, he called him a crude precious stone, which needs to be sliced in order to make it sparkle glaringly. Despite the fact that for a long time he needed to battle for work, he finally composed and sang ghazals in Bollywood Movies, such as Umrao Jaan Click to look into! >> Read More... Umrao Jaan (1981), in which the fundamental lead was played by Rekha, and Bazaar (1982).

Talat likes to compose, and read. He is a gigantic aficionado of Pakistani writer Faiz Ahmad Faiz and loves to peruse his lyrics. He said, "Writing takes all my stresses off my psyche, acts as a sort of refreshment for me."