Hindi Tv Serial Risshton Ki Dor

Risshton Ki Dor Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Risshton Ki Dor was an emotional daily drama soap which aired on Sony Entertainment Television channel or Sony TV from May 15, 2006 to March 29, 2007. It was telecast from Monday to Thursday from 130 pm UTC onwards with an approximate runtime of 24 minutes. This show was directed by Gautam Adhikari and was produced by Adhikari Brothers Limited and executive producer Tanveer Alam. The story of Risshton Ki dor is the core essence of human spirits and its emotions. The story of the show revolved around the Abhayankar family where after the “supposed death” of the parents, the eldest son of the family Suhas Abhayankar-played by actor Anuj Saxena, takes up the responsibility of the family and his three sisters- Tejaswini main protagonist played by actor Sampade Vaze), Mansi (played by actor Monaz Mewawala) and Subhangi (played by Shital Thakkar). Tejaswini is studying medicine and chaos arises in their family when Tejaswini falls in love with Rahul Raichand, a rich industrialist and an engineer. Tejaswini and Rahul hailed from quite different family background and hence through various circumstances, many of which were unwelcomed, their lives turned upside down and there comes a situation where Tejaswini had to make a choice between her family, her elder brother and her love. Tejaswini is torned between his passionate love for Rahul (played by actor Siddharth Malhotra) and his elder brother. How Tejaswini deals with this dilemma and comes out with flying colors from this problem constitutes the rest of the plot for “Risshton Ki Dor”.

The show received mostly positive and mixed reviews from the audiences.