Hindi Tv Serial Naya Daur

Naya Daur Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Naya Daur is a television show that aired on Zee TV. Zee TV belongs to a massive network of channels under the Zee name. It is one of the most popular television channels in India. Zee TV has been running for many years and is one of the favourite channels for many Indian households. Naya Daur is a Hindi television show, and it caters to the Hindi speaking crowd of India. Naya Daur is a Hindi drama. It ran from the years 1997 - 1998. Even if the show ran for a short span of one year, it received a brilliant response as well as critical acclaim for its ability to tell a story with excellent acting.

Naya Daur was released on 3 April 1997. It was made with a budget of approximately 1 lakh rupees. The production company that uprooted this project was Zee TV. The series was directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia who is now a very famous director in the Bollywood movie scene. Naya Daur was thought of or conceived by Ravee G. Kaushall and transformed into a television show by Piyush Mishra, Pramod Singh, and DIgmanshu Dhulia. It was produced by Alka Kaushal and Kusum Gupta. The cast of the show Naya Daur includes Irrfan Khan, Zakir Hussain, and Sanjay Mishra.

The cast was very strong as most of these people came from great acting schools like the National School of Drama or had previous experience in the theatre which added to their skills. Irrfan Khan is now one of the most famous Indian actors who has found success not only in Bollywood and regional cinema but in Hollywood too. The story of the show Naya Daur was based on a novel Sabah in Nachawat Ram Gosain. This inspiring book is a Hindi story that was written by the late Shri Bhagwati Charan Verma.

The title of this television show, Naya Daur, means a new era, and like its name, this story travels in time. It starts in the year 1903 which is a pre-independence time for India. It shows the struggles of those times and how difficult it was to live in the British ruled era. It then shifts to the 1970s which is a post-independent era filled with changes in lifestyle. It highlights the events that led up to the partition. Naya Daur also reveals how the days were during the days right before and after partition. With the excellent acting in the show and the amazing dialogues written, Naya Daur is a must watch.