Hindi Tv Serial Lavanya

Lavanya Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Lavanya was a soap opera which was first broadcast on 28 March 2004 on Zee TV. The series had 64 episodes and the story revolves around Lavanya, a girl in her twenties, who is the only child and her parents are rich and well situated. Her mother is a doctor and her father is a lawyer. Lavanya is secretly in love with Sandy, and wishes to marry him. Sandy loves Lavanya as well, but he belongs in the middle-class and believes that he can't marry her. Lavanya has two best friends: Nikhil, who comes from a rich family, and Shekhar, who belongs in the middle-class and works for her father. Her family tries to persuade her to marry Nikhil, but she tells them that she is in love with Sandy, and tries to persuade them to allow her to marry Sandy. The parents agree to meet Sandy and if they like him then she can marry him, but if they don't like him she has to marry Nikhil. Sandy doesn't come at the arranged meeting. Lavanya tries to run away and avoid marrying Nikhil, but at the train station she finds out that her father is in hospital, and after that she agrees to marry Nikhil only because of her father's damaged health. The story brings more plots as it revolves further on, depicting a real life situation for Indian women. It has a lot of romance and additionally some humorous scenes as well. Shilpa Saklani played the role of Lavanya, Rohit Bakshi played the role of Nikhil, Ashish Kapoor  played the role of Shekhar and Gaurav Chopra played the role of Sandy.