Hindi Tv Serial Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein

Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein is an Indian drama series from STAR One channel. The show was aired on November 22, 2010 and ends on October 14, 2011. Generally, it is based on Gharabaher, a Marathi film directed by Sanjay Surkar.

The story evolves on Alka (played by Sara Khan), a 23 years old fearless, brilliant and energetic girl who lives in New York. She is very cultured and self-reliant and she has a vague perspective, which is actually because of the favorable life she has. Alka is studying Architecture and she aims to permanently reside in New York City. But suddenly, everything was changed when she finished studying and returned to India. Her father is into politics and he wished that his child will also be in politics to follow his legacy. But Alka is not interested in joining the political world. She is romantically involved with Ralph, an American guy. Alka admitted her relationship with Ralph to her family. It was okay for her mother Savitri (played by Neelima Parandekar) and brother Abhishek (played by Deepak Wadhwa), but not to her father, Nityanand Tiwari (played by Mohan Joshi). He told her that her relationship with Ralph is not possible. Until Ralph visits Alka in India, and the two realizes that they don’t match with each other. Later on, Alka and her childhood friend, Chander Shukla (played by Yashwant Singh Thakur), became romantically involved. Chander was from Nityanand’s political party and he fearlessly fights for the downtrodden rights. Alka was attracted to his honesty and when she is with Chander, she started realizing the essence of love. However, her father has another plan for Alka. He wants her to marry Jay Vardhan (played by Khalid Siddhiqui), the acclaimed industrialist. Jay is planning to launch a fertilizer plant through the help of Nityanand’s connection.

Meantime, Abhishek was involved to Nandini (played by Deepali Pansare), from the middle-class family. And again, their father rejected their relationship, since he wants his son to marry a woman who can help Abhishek’s in financing his political career. He wants Abhiskek to marry Gauri Khan (played by Sheetal Dabholkar), the princess of Kushalghar Province. When Abhishek and Nandini’s relationship became public, her father, Dubbey Ji went to Nityanand to talk about their marriage. Nityanand accepts the proposal and attest that he will soon announce the upcoming wedding of the two. However, during Nityanand’s wedding celebration, he announced the wedding of his son and Gauri, instead of Nandini, in front of all the guests and Nandini’s father. Dubbey Ji was humiliated so instantly arranged the marriage of her daughter to Gopal, son of his friend. Abhishek together with Chander went to Gopal to inform him that he shouldn’t marry Nandini. But the two ends up fighting in the road. When he gets home, Nityanand informed him that Gopal dies. Dubbey Ji filed a complaint against Abhishek for murdering Gopal. But Nityanand instructed the police to write the name of Chander instead, in the complaint. Nandini and Dubbey Ji leave the city afterwards.

Alka sense that Chander is not confident in Nityanand’s Indians People Party or the IPP. Chander was always oppressed so Alka take him to the Rastrya Janta Morcha (RJM) from the opposition, leaded by Aarti (played by Neetha Shetty).

When Nandini left the city, Abhishek marries Gauri. Meanwhile, Alka and Chander’s relationship was revealed to her family. Nityanand and Abhishek did not support their relationship.

Abhishek attempts to makes himself busy in doing politic tasks. Before the election, under the Kishanganj constituency, the essence of the Women’s Reservation Bill was reserved for women. Abhishek become frustrated due to this, and turns to alcohol and night life. Nityanand was also disappointed and had a heart attack. Alka was forced to enter politics and contend to the Vidhan Sabha Election. She was then elected as Kishanganj’s MLA and beats Aarti. However, Alka become her father and brother’s follower.

Chander contended the plan to reopen the fertilizer plant due to safety measures shortage. Abhishek and Jay Vardhan killed Chander. Alka lost his viewpoint and her affection to live and decided to go back to New York. But her father was asked her to come back when his constituency was finally reserved for women. Nityanand’s influence helps Alka to win the election, but she doesn’t have an interest on her position until a gas leak occurred in the fertilizer factory where Chander had been contending. Many are dead and the diligent Alka realizes that this might be a call for her to make social change possible, which is actually what Chander wanted.

Alka soon uncover that there is a foul play from the death of Chander. She promised to make revenge and put the culprit into jail. But she was shocked to reveal that it was her own brother.

In the end, just before Alka and Jay’s marriage, she found out that Chander was still alive.