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Darling I Love U Two is a Hindi comedy serial, running on 'Dhamaal' and 'Dabangg' channels. Sahu Productions has produced this Rajasthani based comedy show. The serial's story revolves around the life of the main character, Vishal. He is the G.M. of a company and lives in Udaipur, Rajasthan. His boss' daughter, Monica always makes a pass on him, but he remains unaffected by her flirting. He has two wives, both unaware of each other's existence in his life. He does not purposely marry two persons. At the age of three, his grandfather married him to Ramkudi. He is a 'Balak Var'. He later marries a modern and beautiful woman by the name Simran as he does not remember about his marriage with Ramkudi.

He was happy in his prospering married life with Simran. But his happiness was short-lived as his grandfather comes to Udaipur and announces that Ramkudi is Vishal's wife. Ramkudi is a simple girl from a small village in Rajasthan. She is a dedicated spouse. She loves Vishal so much and trusts him completely. On Ramkudi's arrival, Vishal finds himself in a dilemma. Finally, he rents one different house for Ramkudi and accepts her as his wife. She lives in that house with Chintu and her mother-in-law, while Simran lives alone in an apartment bought by Vishal. Vishal goes on the trip often so that he can visit both his wives alternatively. However his plan gets messed up when Simran and Ramkudi become friends.

Ramkudi does not have a proper education. She spends a lot of Vishal's money to buy unnecessary stuff. Things get worse when she gets her credit card by fooling Vishal. She goes for shopping daily and decides to refashion herself. She asks Simran for suggestions. While Simran helps Ramkudi to change her appearance and style, Ramkudi insists her to wear traditional Rajasthani dress. Vishal is unaware of their little deal, and he calls Simran by Ramkudi's name when he sees her in a Rajasthani costume. Simran is a smart woman and becomes suspicious of the fact that how Vishal knows Ramkudi. Vishal somehow manages the situation, but his problems do not end there. Simran confronts him when she sees him with Ramkudi. Vishal tells her that Ramkudi is his friend's sister. While Ramkudi blindly trusts him, it's hard for Simran to believe his lies. Meanwhile, Vishal struggles a lot to manage his two wives who are pretty much contrast to each other. The serial shows that how each day brings a new twist in Vishal's life.

Another Version Of This Series:

It is a light comedy-drama series which is telecasted on the Dhamal TV. It is the newly launched channel of the Shree Adhikari brothers the producer of the show being Pushkar Shahu and Priyanka Shahu. The show is telecasted on the Dhamaal TV daily and been entertaining audiences with its humor and comedy. The series is produced under the Sahu Production house. “Darling I love you two” is a Hindi comedy soap by Pushkar Sahu, and Priyanka Sahu has now become a crowd-pleasing show which is attracting a significant amount of audiences from the states like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Gujrat.

This serial has played a vital role in establishing Shri. Adhikari Brother’s freshly launched channels ‘Dhamaal’ and ‘Dabbang’ and everyone was delighted when this Sanjeev Kaul directed series completed 50 episodes. Vishal Kotian plays one of the main leads of the serial as Vishal who is the General Manager of a firm. He has two wives; one is Ramkudi (Sapna Sikarwar), a manageable girl from a hamlet of Rajasthan who has blind trust in her husband and another is Simran (Rupali Suri), she being the opposite of Ramkudi, a modish and always keeps a check on her husband sort of wife. They are unaware of the fact that their husband is married twice and are living in two different places in the same city. Vishal has to go on business tour in quick succession so; he alternatively takes his wife on the tour with him.

From an early age of 20 years the producer of “Daring I love you,” Pushkar Sahu has been trying his hand in the TV and film Industry. He has done script writing and screenplay for much hit series like Comedy Circus, Office-Office, Yes Boss, L.O.C and much more. They have selected Sapna Sikarwar to play one of the leads as she belongs to a Rajasthani background and would provide better naturalness to dialogues and justice to the role. When asked about why the producer of the series took comedy as the genre and Rajasthani culture as the background he (Pushkar sahu) said “these days comedy serials are easily able to gather required popularity and are being accepted by the Indian audiences with a positive response so, I decided to produce one myself. And as I belong to a Rajasthani background and have a vast knowledge of its culture, language, and comicality I choose to portray one on the television. And it brings me great honor that it turned out to be a huge success.

Lead role in the series being played by Vishal Kotian, Sapna Sikarwar and Rupali Suri in “Darling, I love you two” the supporting cast being Shobha Kote, Rakesh Bedi, Anurag Prapanna, Deepesh, Akshita Arora, Saif, Nasir Bhai, Ghanshyam Garg, Gul Sayed Hameed. To make the actor look perfect in the frame, Anuj Dwivedi is the man behind the camera and the music of the series is given by Nitin Hirwarkar. “Darling I Love You-Two” have become a daily Hindi comedy soap which is running victoriously on two Rajasthani channel. The plot of the series rotates around the life of this helpless young man (Vishal) as He has two wives Simran and Ramkudi. They live in one of the most chivalrous city in the world, Udaipur. Both of them in the series are supposedly staying in the different vicinity of Udaipur and being oblivious to each other’s existence in their Husband’s life.

Vishal purposely didn’t opt for polygyny; he has been a victim of child marriage. At a mere age of three years when he had no vision about what marriage concludes; the poor kid’s grandfather hitched him to a year and a half old girl Ramkudi. On the other hand, Vishal being clueless about his marriage with Ramkudi, once he turns out to be a grown up man; he gets married to a beautiful girl Simran and stays in Udaipur with her. Later After two decades when his father comes to the Udaipur with Ramkudi and gives him the shocking news that Ramkudi is your wife.

Once he discovers the sad truth Vishal gets traumatized but now as there is no other option that is left in his so, he had leased one different apartment for Ramkudi as well and started performing his marriage duties for both the wives. But life has become too tiring and confusing as it’s very laborious to take care of every single need of the two prospective wives and keep them happy and satisfied so, he as to fight a war every morning he wakes up and then can have rest once the day ends. There are times when Simran watches Vishal with Ramkudi and then to make a way out of the situation that arouses; it makes things very challenging for Vishal to explain it to her that Ramkudi just being his friend’s sister and he was dropping her to the hospital.

Sometimes the situation is another way around when Ramkudi doubts Vishal about Simran. There are even situation when its Vishal’s birthday and both the wives are equally interested in making his day a special one and he gets trapped with whom should he celebrate his birthday and stay safe at the same time and just like this every new day comes with new challenges for Vishal and makes his life all in all more dramatic. Vishal Kotia is a well-known TV actor and model. The actor himself has been on the producing team of the show “darling I Love You two” in a joint venture with the Adhikari Brothers.

Sapna Sikarwar a talented actress who has played many comic roles in her career is playing Ramkudi in “darling I love you two” which is a role of a “Pativrata” woman, least doubts her husband and is a simple village girl. Rupali Suri is playing the role of Simran, a modern world wife who keeps track of what is up in her Husband’s life and at the same time minute to minute detail of his life in “Darling I Love You-Two”