Hindi Tv Serial Cincinnati Bublaboo

Cincinnati Bublaboo Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

The comedy TV show Cincinnati Bublaboo was produced by RT entertainment. 'Rakhee Tandon' and Rahul Bhat played an important role in this comedy show. The serial was aired on Star Plus. Rahul Bhat played the role of a salesman in a shopping mall. This is one of the most,hilarious shows on the Indian television.

The Cincinnati Bublaboo cast included Atul Parchurey, Bharat Dhabolkar, Hemant Pandey, Joy Fernandes, Meenakshi Thakur, Rahul Bhatt, RakhiTondon, Rajendra Chawla, Raju Kher, Smita Bansal, Suresh Menon, Sumukhi Pendse, and ShamaAnand. Whereas the story was written by Kumar Bhatia, Abbas Hirapurwala, AnantMahadevan and the show was designed and directed by AnantMahadevan.

The story of the first episode (the Title: was “The New Manager”) is about a store and its employees who interact with each other and help the customers. An announcement is made by the store owner RK that a new manager will be arriving and joining the store in the place of the previous manager, Mr. Krishnakant. Tea is served to Amit by Ramlal. Ramesh receives new currency notes from Mr. Mehta. Mala eavesdrops and thinks that she has been selected as the manager of the store by RK and Tina and imposes her power on her colleagues. A visitor comes to the store and RK gets surprised to know that the visitor Neetu Malhotra is declared as the new manager by the employees of the store. All the Cincinnati Bublaboo episodes are still immensely popular among the crowd.