Hindi Tv Serial Aandhi

Aandhi Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Aandhi was an interesting Hindi television serial telecasted on the ZEE TV channel in November 2003. It consisted of a  total of 76 episodes. Manish R. Goswami produced this show. It is based on the concept of how a mistaken identity brings an Aandhi into one's relationship. Aandhi is a story based on a beautiful and charming girl named Chandni, whose role was played by Simone Singh. The sweet and sacrificial girl is in love with an evil money lover boy named Varun (role played by Ayub Khan). But she doesn't know much about him. When her father got to know about this, he disapproved of him and decided to get her married to a sweet, good boy named Siddhant (role played by 'Faisal Khan').

At the marriage ceremony, Varun calls Chandni and tells her that if she does not come, he will commit suicide. Chandni rushes to Varun, but there he takes all her jewels. Meanwhile, her father knows about all this and feels down and unhappy. Then she leaves her home; after that, her struggle starts for her love, life, and family. Her life takes a new turn. She then lives with her friend, a young widow named Pooja, who is a happy mother. Her friend dies in a truck accident, leaving her child in Chandni's custody. 

Chandni promises Pooja that she will always take care of her child. The In-laws, who didn't meet her earlier, assume Chandni to be their daughter-in-law. So Chandni becomes Pooja in front of them. The father is fond of her, and so is the sister. Only the father's sister is suspicious. Then, Siddhant enters her life again, but they both don't recognize each other. But later, she recognizes him. Meanwhile, the sister falls in love with Siddhant, but Siddhant loves Chandni. After some time, everything gets sorted out. Chandni falls in love with Siddhant, and they plan to get engaged.

On the day of their engagement, Chandni tells him everything, and after hearing all this, he first becomes angry and shocked but later says yes. Then the widow's husband enters; he was alive! He understands Chandni. But then Varun, who has been following Chandni everywhere, decides to torture her. He bribes the truck driver who had knocked down Pooja to say in front of everyone that Chandni gave him money to kill her. Then, the police arrest her. Soon the truth outcomes in front of everyone, and she gets released from jail. Finally, Chandni and Siddhant live happily forever.