Assamese Tv Serial Monor Nijanot

Monor Nijanot  Assamese TV SERIALS on Jonack TV

Monor Nijanot Jonak is an Assamese-language serial on Jonack TV. Jonack TV is a general entertainment channel that primarily showcases Assamese content. Mrigen Baruah wrote the drama while Hemanta Dutta and Jyotismita Baruah co-wrote the script. Nishant Mahanta produced the series and Manjit Sharma directed it. Zubeen Garg had contributed to the title music score of the serial. This serial was a hit and loved by the audience. The plot follows the love story of Biki and Kaveri. Biki is from a well-to-do family. He is well-educated and cultured. His mother believes that he needs a modern wife to suit his lifestyle. However, his aunt plans to get him married to a good-natured girl.

Kaveri is from a poor household and is well-mannered. Fate steers Kaveri and Biki together into a relationship and they get married. The plot deepens with the misunderstandings and trials Kaveri has to go through to get accepted into Biki’s family as the daughter-in-law.