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Skyfall Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Skyfall is one of the many Bond films made. It stars Daniel Craig in his third movie as 007. Unlike the previous films where the world is in the precise of danger, this one deals with Bond’s childhood trauma as one of its prime roots. The teaser trailer starts off with Bond standing on the rooftop enjoying the view of London’sskyline to the soundtrack of his psychoanalysis test. The reluctance and mystery Bond enforces on the work ‘Skyfall’ is intriguing. This then leads into the rest of the trailer with a bang.

With stunning visuals and the firing of shots to the dramatic beating of the drums makes it exciting to watch. The teaser does not give away any information to the nature of the new Bond film. From the trailer we can see that it involves the deaths of many, some marvellous scenery, and a trip around different settings. The trailer has Bond moving, whether it’s by running or on a decorated boat. This leads us to believe that the movie is action-packed without a single stagnating moment.

It qualifies to be a James Bond film only when he is seducing beautiful women or getting injured in the worst way possible. Throughout the trailer Bond appears in his usual cool and suave attitude despite the chaos happening around him. In the ending we get to see the silhouette of the Bond villain. The shadow of the figure walking away from a burning house adds drama and suspense tot he plot. The movie has got lot of positive reviews and remains as the highest grossing film in the series. It has received many awards including two BAFTA Awards, two Academy Awards and two Grammys.