Far From The Madding Crowd


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Far From The Madding Crowd Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Thomas Vinterberg has directed this gentle movie based on the novel Far from the madding crowd, written by Thomas Hardy. It can be seen in the video clip that, as the title suggests, it is indeed far from the madding crowd in a calm countryside atmosphere. It shows the style of living in the 1870s

The lady describes Bathsheba the governess as wild and it is just when she enters the room. It shows how Gabriel tries to impress Bathsheba by gifting her a little lamb. She indeed seems very delighted. She feels very thankful to him. But all of a sudden, he raises a proposal for wedding and she instantly rejects him without any hesitation. The emotion of sorrow can be very clearly seen on Gabriel’s face and Bathsheba seems to exhibit complete ignorance of the fact and also animosity towards him for raising such an issue.

The trailer discloses the emotional conflicts of people and the formal nature of lives in the 1870s in a very accurate manner. The costumes and the background are very eye-pleasing. This little clip was so adorable that it has fetched 8,184 views on Fox Searchlight UK page. The movie is centred on the life of Bathsheba Everdene. She has been working on her aunt’s farm in Britain. She is an educated, smart and independent woman. Gabriel admires her and proposes her for wedding. She being a headstrong woman refuses the proposal. Gabriel loses all his life savings, when a sheepdog attacks his farm. On the contrary, Bathsheba becomes wealthy as her uncle left his farm to her in his will. Gabriel ends up as a shepherd at that farm.

Bathsheba’s neighbour Boldwood asks her to marry him but she refuses his request as well. Gabriel warns Bathsheba to think wisely but she marries Frank Troy. He turns out to be drunkard and keeps troubling her. After a series of emotional disturbances, Troy is believed to be dead. But he returns to trouble her. Seeing this, Boldwood shoots him and he too eventually gets imprisoned. Bathsheba is supported by Gabriel to overcome her mental turbulences. The movie has majorly received positive reviews from the critics. They have regarded the actors as having immense talent and also praised the screenplay.