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Edge Of Tomorrow Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Pictures brings a scientific masterpiece to cinema goers in the form of the film, Edge of Tomorrow. Directed by Doug Liman, this movie is completely action packed. Major Bill Cage, a fresh recruit thinks that whatever he is seeing, he has already experienced it. He tries to convince others of the same, but no one is ready to believe him. One fine day he meets Sergeant Rita Rose Vartaski, who empathizes with him and asks him to meet her when she wakes up. They keep fighting in the war with sophisticated weapons and futuristic vehicles. Despite having an advanced Armour, they keep failing. Vartaski offers to train Bill every day and help him win the war. For the sake of winning, they live, they die, and they repeat the process.

There are firing and attacks from everywhere, but being determined, they fight with all the strength that they have. The movie narrates the story of Major William (Bill) Cage. He had never been in a combat before and his destiny lands him inside a grave mission to fight the Mimics, a group of aliens. He gets killed within minutes of entering the brawl. Bill sets foot into a time loop where he lives, fights, dies and repeats this entire process numerous times. During one such he meets Sergeant Vartaski and learns that he has got the time loop ability due to his drenching in the Mimic’s blood. He trains under Vartaski to fight and destroy all the Mimics. They together try to locate the Mimic Mastermind, Omega. After a furious battle, Vartaski gets killed. Bill succeeds in killing Omega. The nearly dying Bill gets drowned in Omega’s blood, enters a time loop and lives again and finds out that Vartaski is also alive.

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt acted phenomenally well and brought seriousness to their characters. The critics gave positive reviews for the film. They were impressed by the movie’s ability to remain fresh and the manner in which the battles were showcased. The stupendous action sequences got 12,503,256 views to the trailer. The trailer becomes interesting with the soundtrack ‘’This is not the end’’, music by Fieldwork. Warner Bros. released four trailers, four clips and 4 TV spots for the film.