Pushpaka Vimanam is scripted and directed by Damodara. Govardhana Rao Deverakonda, Vijay Deverakona, and Pradeep Errabelly produced the film. Ram Miriyala com

Pushpaka Vimanam Movie Review

Pushpaka Vimanam Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
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Review for the film " Pushpaka Vimanam"
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Runtime: 2Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 12-11-2021
Genre: Comedy, Romance
3 / 5.0



Pushpaka Vimanam Pushpaka Vimanam is a Telugu show broadcast on the >> Read More... Pushpaka Vimanam is scripted and directed by " Damodara Damodara is an Indian Telugu Film Director. He wor >> Read More... Damodara ." Govardhana Rao Deverakonda, Vijay Deverakona, and Pradeep Errabelly produced the film. Ram Miriyala Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ram Miriyala composed the music. Hestin Jose Joseph cranked the camera, and Raviteja Girijala edited the film. Anand Deverakonda Anand Deverakonda is a Telugu film industry actor. >> Read More... Anand Deverakonda , Geet Saini, Saanve Megghana Saanve Megghana is an Indian Model and Actress. Sh >> Read More... Saanve Megghana , Sunil Varma Sunil Varma is a Telugu actor and comedian, widely >> Read More... Sunil Varma , “ Naresh Naresh is a famous South Indian Actor who has acte >> Read More... Naresh ,” and Harsha Vardhan Harsha Vardhan is a famous Telugu actor and a writ >> Read More... Harsha Vardhan are cast in the main roles.


Chittilanka Sundar works in a government school. Sundar gets married to Meenakshi. But, she is not interested in the marriage and hence elopes. Shocked, Sundar finds out some truth about Meenakshi. Was he able to find her? Why and where did she elope? The rest of the story deals with all these.

Star Performance

Anand Devarakonda is better than his previous performances. The soft-spoken guy role fits him well, and his dialogue delivery and body language have improved a lot. Saanve is excellent with her performance. Geet Saini has done justice to the given role. The rest of the stars are good in the assigned roles.


The script and the screenplay are good. The casting team picked the right stars for the roles. The film has various genres, and the makers should have put a few more efforts to bring it better. However, with the stars' performance, the film takes the audience on a proper route that entertains them well. Sunil's scenes should have been made better. They are a bit draggy. Naresh's role is written well, and he fits well in character. The first half comes with a lot of fun-filled portions, and the second half has something serious to watch. The visuals and BGM are good.

What's There?

  • Screenplay is good
  • The stars have performed well

What's Not there?

  • Some scenes are dragged for comedy


The film started on a funny note but continued with a different genre. Although there are a few flaws in the movie, it is definitely watchable!