ldquo M 6 rdquo is a suspense thriller film scripted and directed by Jai Ram Varma The film is produced by Viswanath Tanneeru Dhruva and Ashwini play the le

M 6 Movie Review

M 6 Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " M 6 "
Runtime: 2 Hours 2 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-02-2019
Genre: Drama
1.25 / 5.0



“M 6” is a suspense thriller film scripted and directed by Jai Ram Varma. The film is produced by Viswanath Tanneeru. Dhruva and Ashwini play the leads in M 6. The music composition is by Vijay Balaji.


Nikhil and Neha, the couple decided to go for a party in M 6, a building. Neha reaches the place, before Nikhil and joins the party. While she was enjoying the party, something unexpected happens. A gang tried to murder her. Did Nikhil reach the place at the right time and save Neha? Why was Neha targeted? The answers form the rest of the plot.

Star Performance

Dhruva has done his role well. In the climax, his performance is appreciable. Ashwini’s expressions are not up to the mark.


Once again it is a low budgeted suspense thriller. The plot seems to have a vast space for the comedy, but the makers hadn’t applied it. The screenplay is weak. The star selection is not appealing. While the actor plays okayish, the actress didn’t impress at all. A few comedy scenes worked out. If the director had made use of it, it might have brought a good impression. The narration is not clear and the horror comedy scenes are shown in a poor light. Although it is a horror comedy, there should be some logic. The cinematography is not good and many scenes are shaky. Similarly, the BGM is unimpressive and loud.

What’s There?

  • Nothing useful is there

What’s Not There?

  • Star selection is not good
  • Execution is poor
  • Story and screenplay are unimpressive
  • The cinematography, music and editing are very weak


The suspense thriller comedy genre is one among the favorite genres for the people of all ages. But, the director and his team failed to utilize it. No logic and poor execution make the audiences feel irritated while watching M 6.