Dhara 302 is an action packed drama thriller based on the real-life story of gangster Bhanu Pratap Singh who was dreaded in the areas of Kota and Udaipur It i

Dhara 302 Movie Review

Dhara 302 Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Dhara 302"
Runtime: 2 Hours 28 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-02-2016
Genre: Action, Drama
1.5 / 5.0



Dhara 302 is an action packed drama thriller based on the real-life story of gangster Bhanu Pratap Singh, who was dreaded in the areas of Kota and Udaipur. It is directed by Jitendra Singh Naruka and produced by Bhiwani Shankar Yogi

Plot: Dhara 302 is the story of a boy named Veer Singh, who at the age of 12 enters the world of crime. He continues to walk on the same path and soon becomes a dreaded personality and establishes himself as the fearsome gangster of the town. The movie takes a twist when Veer Singh falls in love with a girl named Kalpana. Their romance grows with time, and Kalpana asks Veer to leave the dark world and start life from a new beginning. Veer also wants to settle with Kalpana, but society refuses to accept him due to his evil past. The story goes on with the struggles Veer and Kalpana faces in pursuit to build their new life. Will Society accept Veer? Will he succeed in leaving the dark world and settle peacefully with Kalpana? Will his enemies sit quietly during all this? For answers to all these questions, go and watch the movie.

Analysis: The story is a typical love story which the viewers have already seen before so it might not click with every person sitting in the audience chairs. However, the action sequences are something which can thrill the audience. The direction of Jitendra Singh Naruka binds the movie together despite the weak star cast. However, the climax could have been a little more enthralling and appealing. The movie also fails to attract the crowd with its music as you can't even remember the two songs viz. 'Bewajah Yu Na De Tu Saza' and 'Maula Kar Raham' once you move out of the theater.

Star performances: The movie doesn't have a strong star cast and any major star from the industry. Rufy Khan and Deepti Dhotre in the lead roles as Kalpana and Veer Singh respectively has given an okay performance and must work on improving their acting skills if they want to establish themselves in the industry. The way they expressed their feelings confuses the audience if they are accepting each other. However, Gagan Pradeep has fit into the role of Chandra Bahadur Singh. The performance of rest of the star cast is below average and doesn't give hope in the minds of the audience. Music Director Sahil Multy Khan hasn't proved himself with his work. However, Javed Ali's voice in 'Maula Kar Raham' is pleasing to the ears.

What's there?

1) The direction of Jitendra Singh Naruka gives some hope as he beautifully carved the love story between Veer Singh and Kalpana.

2) The action sequences are power packed and oozes the audience with every brawl on the screen.

What's not there?

1) The freshness of the story is missing in the movie and audience might find it as a previously watched story.

2) Those who are in search of good acts will surely be dissatisfied and disappointed with the weak performance of the crew.

Verdict - Overall the movie doesn't appeal to the audience much, however, if you love action you can watch it.