Plot Sara Gold Allison Paige is a budding animal activist who works with the United Animal Protection Agency UAPA The UAPA is a major animal rights organ

The Dog Lover Movie Review

The Dog Lover Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " The Dog Lover"
Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-07-2016
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0

Plot: Sara Gold (Allison Paige) is a budding animal activist, who works with the United Animal Protection Agency (UAPA). The UAPA is a major animal rights organization that conducts major rescue operations and tries to make better laws for animal welfare. Sara Gold, as a part of this organization, is sent for an important assignment disguised as a college intern to infiltrate into a possible scandal of a “puppy mill” run by the influential, David Holloway. The story begins with a heartfelt slideshow of dogs and how they have a special place in the world of humans.

The different aspects of a dog’s nature that make all refer to them as man’s most loyal friend are depicted in a perfect manner. The story sees Sara Gold filming the proceedings inside the supposed “puppy-mill” and the dog abuse inside the kennel owned by the big shot of the commercial world, David Holloway. Sara soon discovers that it David keeps his dog with great pamper and care and that it is not he who is responsible for the reported abuse. It is actually the poachers near Holloway’s land who are the real culprit.

Analysis: How Sara reveals the real villains and saves the dogs from all the abuse is what makes the film worth watching. : The movie is a good effort to bring to the forefront the atrocities faced by the dogs in rescue shelters. The movie brings out the actual feelings of the dog lovers who fight tooth and nail to provide justice to these animals who cannot speak for their own selves. The point in the movie which makes it not so appealing is that the movie is more on the side of the commercial scale breeders, and they will enjoy it more than the animal lovers or animal rights activists.

Star Performances: Allison Paige delivers a performance which is straight from the heart and is praise- worthy. She gives a realistic performance and does justice to the role as far as the script allows. Remar plays the tough, commercial guy with a soft heart. The acting of being a hard shell coconut with a soft inside s played to perfection by him. The rest of the cast is quite good with their roles.

What’s There? The main theme of love towards animals and the fight for their protection is brought out beautifully by the script. The visuals showing the man and dog love is visually appealing and will sure move a dog lover to tears or make the audience miss their pets.

What’s Not There? The movie fails to speak up in favour of the dog rescuers and rather will be more loved by the commercial breeders. Not a very good effort on the part of the director and the storyline is a bit weak.

Verdict: The movie is a must watch for all dog lovers as they will relate to the plight of the animals and also to the efforts of the rescuers protagonist, Sara Gold. If you are not pet dog crazy, then the film can be given a miss, as there are more interesting movies hitting the box office this weekend.