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Top 10 Trending Bhojpuri TV Shows That People Love The Most

Top 10 Trending Bhojpuri TV Shows That People Love The Most Bhojpuri Article

Bhojpuri TV Shows have always been loved by the masses as it's a prevalent and trendy language among different cultures and landscapes. These TV shows tickle your mind and give you a source of amusement. One can never be tired of watching Bhojpuri TV shows and here and the top 10 Trending Bhojpuri Shows that people love the most and are still finding excellent.

1. Memsaab No. 1

The efficiency, attitude, and intelligence of homemakers are set to the test to find Memsaab No 1 Chalni Ke Chalal Babuni, the one who has the capabilities of the perfect homemaker. It is being aired in the famous Bhojpuri GEC Zee Ganga and is currently the trending show among famous cultures. Every week, four competitors compete against each other, and at the end of the week, someone would be eliminated with one winner. This will continue until the grand finale, where merely four finalists will face off for the crown of Memsaab No.1.

2. Shyam Tulsi Shyam Tulsi is a Tv serial airing on Zee Ganga cha >> Read More...

Shyama, an ordinary girl and not-so-good-looking girl, marries Nikhil, a rich man and handsome, who helps her overcome her insecurities about her looks and gain success by identifying her talent as a musical singer. This show also aired on the popular Bhojpuri GEC Zee. The star cast of the show included Ganga Shyama as Alisha Ray Vachaspati Jha as Amiya Kashyap Guru Maa as Poonam Maurya and Nikhil as Manu Krishna Manu Krishna is an actor famous for his role of Bh >> Read More... . It completed a successful run of 225 episodes and was a hugely successful show in the Bhojpuri television industry.

3. Kaniya Pradhan Kaniya Pradhan is a Bhojpuri family drama daily so >> Read More...

Kaniya Pradhan was an Indian Bhojpuri language television show, which started on 20 September 2021 on the popular channel ZEE Ganga. The serial stars Manmohan Tiwari Manmohan Tiwari hails from Rishikesh and was one o >> Read More... and Payal Gupta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... in the lead roles. The show can be watched from Monday to Friday at 8 PM on ZEE Ganga. Aarti, an uneducated woman, is used as a puppet by the local authority by her in-laws. Later, she tousles her wings when she decides to perform her duties truthfully.

4. Tikuli Tikuli's a Bhojpuri TV series. The screening o >> Read More...

Zee Entertainment’s GEC channel Zee Ganga launched the latest original family entertainment serial which is titled "Tikuli-Suhagin Ya Abhagin”.The show is motivated by one of the most known folktales from Bihar's Darbhanga region. The show is revolving around the rural areas of Nehra (Madhubani, Bihar), the only place in India with public kitchens fronting the South side, to disregard Vastu Shastra as they were given blessings by a Chudail as per the famous folktale which is still believed to be followed in the region. The nucleus significances and takeaways of the saga will be sentiments, devotion, individualism.

5. Acharva Chhathi Mayi Ke

Chhath is one of the most awaited occasions for the Bhojpuri people. Commemorating this, Zee Ganga is coming up with a new serial, ‘Acharva Chhathi Maayi Ki’, devoted to the mother-child bond blessed by the pious and pure touch of Goddess Chhathi Maiya. Moved by her determination, Goddess Chhathi wanted to help Mithi as she refused to back down despite the troubles and difficulties created by her adoptive family in finding her long-lost mother, Janaki. It stars Purvi Mishra Purvi Mishra is a talented child artist from the B >> Read More... and Mithi and Aishana Singh The renowned TV actress, Aishana Sigh, was born on >> Read More... as Janaki. It has completed 100 episodes and is still running smoothly.

6. Ghar Pahuncha De Devi Maiya Story soon >> Read More...

This top-ranked show used to be telecasted on Dishum TV which is an Indian, Bhojpuri general entertainment free-to-air (FTA) television channel owned and operated by Dishum Broadcasting Pvt Ltd. The story revolves around the main protagonist and a fictional thriller cum drama series based on the protagonist's reincarnation. You can also find the episodes of this show on YouTube and can watch it anytime soon. It's top-notch on the level of entertainment and will keep you hooked up to your screens.

7. Mitwa Mitwa is a Bhojpuri serial which aired on Zee Gang >> Read More...

Mitwa is a Bhojpuri TV serial. It used to be telecast on Zee Ganga. It is a story about the complications in the marriage of a young couple. The periodical cast has Richa Dixit Richa Dixit was born on 29 October 1993 in Kanpur, >> Read More... and Anshuman Singh Rajput who are very talented. Ritu's ambition to become a block evolution officer is destroyed when she marries Mitwa. However, Mitwa makes Ritu's life beautiful in a surprising way. Must watch it whenever you are free and ready to enjoy this lovely show.

8. Bandhan Tute Na

Another top-rated Bhojpuri TV show is Bandhan tute na. The thematic background is based on the idea of horror which excites the audience very well. Chitra retrieves from the dead to safeguard her groom, Madhav, against his wicked stepmother Neela Devi and her niece Shweta and bring him close to a household friend, Chanda. The story plot is very impressive and fun to watch.

9. Entertainment Ke Mela Entertainment Ke Mela is a Bhojpuri-language TV sh >> Read More...

Entertainment Ke Mela is a Bhojpuri recreation show filled with laughable and delightful performances. It is a culmination of dance performances, hilarious skits, folk songs, and qawwali & mushairas. There is something for everyone. Various talented singers, dancers, comedians, ghazal and qawwali artists come together to perform on stage and amuse the audience with their art. A combination of reality and entertainment is a perfect watch for weekends.

10. Roj Hui Bhoj

Roj HoyI Bhoj Swaad Ke Sath is a Bhojpuri cooking show which brings on regional chefs who present their promising recipes. Desiring and talented chefs from various parts of Bihar show their culinary skills and prepare different types of dishes. It is hosted by the winner of Masterchef India Ripudaman Handa. If you want to see some lip-smacking and delicious dishes with a dose of entertainment then you can watch this delightful show and enjoy it with your family.