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Other names of Arvind Akela Kallu: Arvind Akela
Bhojpuri Actor Arvind Akela Kallu
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Arvind Akela Kallu, popularly known as Kallu and Akela, is a Bhojpuri singer and actor born on 26 July 1997 in the city of Buxar, Bihar in India. His father, Chunmunji Chaubey, was a singer, producer, and director. He got his high school education from Bihar Public School in Ahiroli. Arvind enjoyed singing since childhood and began his musical training under his father. Initially, he started by singing Bhojpuri folk songs, and later, his first Bhojpuri song, Gawanwa Kahiya Le Jaiba, released in 2014. He made his acting debut with Dil Bhail Deewana in 2015. Arvind got married on 26 January 2023.

He has given many hits such as Miss Call Mar Taru, Zilla Top Lagelu, Maar Ke Jeans Phad Dihtu, Pandit Ji Ke Dhoti Ude, Jaisan jaisan marad khojaba, Hamar negwa nikali jija dhire dhire , Sohag ke haradi lage ho, Jila Top Lageli and Ghar me se nikleli. His contribution to films as an actor is impeccable, including Swarg, Kalua Crorepati, Balma Bihar, Rajtilak, and Chhaliya. Arvind was a guest artist in the Pawan Singh-starring film Gathbandhan Pyaar Ki. His famous work Choliya Ke Huk Raja Ji, released in 2017, was widely popular. One of his most innovative masterpieces included a devotional Bhojpuri song Jhuri Jhuru Namiya Gachhiya. Arvind Akela Kallu was nominated for Bollywood Life Bollywood Life is an enlightening once-over of all >> Read More... - Bhojpuri Award for Social Media King.

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Arvind Akela is a famous Indian Singer and Actor in the Bhojpuri Film Industry. He is popularly known by the name Kallu. He was born on 26 July 1997 in Buxar, Bihar. His father’s name is Chunmun Chaubey, and he is also a singer, director, and producer. Arvind completed his schooling in Buxar. He is married to Shivani in 2023.

At a very young age, he had a passion for singing. Later, he turned into an actor. His hit songs are Murga Baichin Bate and Choliya Ke Huk Raja Ji. His debut Bhojpuri film was Gavnava Kahiya Le Jaiba Na, released in 2014. His blockbuster movies are Haamar Bhaiya Dayavan, Hukumat, and Deewangi Had Se.


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