Shahid Anwar Urdu Actor

Shahid Anwar was an Urdu and Hindi writer who also created plays and translated. His plays, known for their solid yet straightforward style, have been performed throughout the nation. Gair Zaroori Log, Swapna Ka Sapna, and Hamare Waqt Mein are some of his well-regarded plays. For his remarkable contribution to the field of Urdu play, Shahid has won numerous awards, including the Mohan Rakesh Samman and the Urdu Drama Award from the Delhi Urdu Academy. Shahid Anwar, a renowned author, theatre enthusiast, and, most importantly, a loving, kind person, left the planet so suddenly. Shahid's premature departure has engulfed the Urdu and Hindi literary scenes in despair.

Through his theatre company Behroop, he served as a mentor to many young people. He also had a large circle of friends who admired him for various parts of his open and gregarious nature. He received accolades from the Sahitya Kala Parishad, the Ghalib Institute, and the Delhi Urdu Academy for his efforts. Still, he carried them with a light heart and carried on quietly and successfully with his cultural activities. Over the previous two years, Pratham Books was lucky to be able to convince him to write for young readers. People are finding it difficult to comprehend that he passed away before he could hold a copy of his upcoming children's play Sabzpari ka Jaltarang in his hands. People expressed their sincere condolences to young Kaasni, Poonam, his partner, and our beloved colleague. Sirf Jhaag is a famous film by Shahid Anwar (2006).