Kifayat Rodani Urdu Actor

Kifayat Rodani was born in Gidar, Qilat, Balochistan, Pakistan, on February 5, 1971. His father was the Masjid's Imam. Kifayat received his early education in a Madrasa from his father. He accompanied his father to several villages and rural places. His family then relocated to Gidar-Shorai, their ancestral village near Govt. Agribusiness Farm. For his studies, he was moved to District Khuzdar, far from his home. He left up his studies and revolted at the age of 14 after being taught in various Madrasas for a few years. He abandoned not only Madrasas but also his house. He worked as a worker in several locations in Hub and Karachi. He worked hard and alternated between different vocations at this point in his life, i.e., Dyer, glass-blower, barber, and so on. To earn, he devoted the most valuable four years of his life portraying those various personalities. Even though he had no formal education, he read Urdu literature while working as a tailor. He was also interested in social work and volunteered with many non-governmental organizations.

The art of tale writing drew him in by his constant efforts to study literature. In 1996, he joined Taj Raisani, a prominent drama writer for Pakistan Television. Meanwhile, he continued to write stories and themes, which he presented to several theatre directors. He spent four years learning the craft of writing for television from Dr. Taj Raisani and Atta-Ullah Baloch. Kifayat had four children, a son and three daughters, and he moved to Karachi with his wife and children in 2003 to pursue a profession as a drama writer. As his family's sole breadwinner, he also worked as a tailor in Karachi's Saddar Market. He worked as an Assistant Director in two Serials and a couple of Plays.