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Baldev Singh

Other names of Baldev Singh: Baldev Singh Sadaknaama
Punjabi Novelist Baldev Singh

Baldev Singh is also known as Baldev Singh Sadaknaama. He was born on December 11, 1942, in the village Chand Nawaan in Moga District, Punjab. He has a Bachelor of Education and a Masters's degree in Punjabi. He was a teacher in the Muktsar area and Himachal Pradesh. He later moved to Calcutta now Kolkata and worked there as a taxi driver, truck operator, and cleaner. Baldev is an Indian story writer and novelist from Punjab. He is famous for Sadaknaama and Laal Batti, his novels. His book Sadaknaama told the road story of Punjabi truck drivers. The three-volume book version of what had originally been a column in Amrita Pritam's magazine Nagmani was later released.

Based on Singh's actual experiences, the stories in the book were created. While working as a teacher, he drove a truck for ten years. The book quickly rose to prominence in Punjabi literature, and for his followers, "Sadaknaama" became a part of his name. Baldev’s book Laal Batti, which he researched for over ten years, was about Kolkatta's red-light district. Manch Rang Manch and Kewal Dhaliwal also transformed it into a play. His book Annadaata, which dealt with the struggle of Punjabi farmers, is taught as part of the literature courses at both Guru Nanak Dev University and Punjabi University.

Both of these books will have sequels, according to him. His play Mitti Rudan Kare is still well-liked today. In his novel Dhahwan Dilli De Kingre, Baldev wrote about the storied revolutionary Dulla Bhatti. He received a Sahitya Akademi Award for Punjabi for the book in 2011. He recently released a monogram on renowned Punjabi author Giani Gurdit Singh (1923–2007) for the Sahitya Akademi, Delhi, "Makers of Indian Literature" series.

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