Poras Beniwal Punjabi Actor

Poras Beniwal was born on 14th May 1984 in Rajasthan in a joint family and is a professional actor, writer and director. His father is in Indian Police, mother is a homemaker. He had been passionate about Bollywood and cinema since childhood. He used to relate his situations and dialogues with movies. Poras knows Hindi, English, Punjabi and Haryanvi. During his college days, he used to participate in skits and dramas. One such fine day, while preparing for the SKIT, he met a girl named Deepti who is now his wife and they are based in Melbourne, Australia. Poras says Australia is his Karma Bhoomi whereas India is his Janma Bhoomi. He has immense respect for both.

Poras moved to Australia in 2006. Initially, he had to struggle a lot as he was taking his time to get settled outside his home country. He says the hardships throughout this journey have taught him great lessons and turned him into gold from coal. Poras then decided to get married to Deepti in the year 2008. Poras has worked in international web series, feature-length movies and short movies. Throughout his inspiring career, he has been active both on-screen and behind-screen. He has done projects in Thailand and UK as well. Poras is well known for his work as a director and writer of a mystery and thriller short movie, Twisted Fates (2014); a horror and mystery short movie, Loop (2014), written, directed and starred by Poras himself; an action movie, Muqaddar: You Will Never Outrun Destiny (2016), directed and written by Poras.