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Nima Rumba is a singer, songwriter, actor, and musician based in Nepal. He was born in Subarnapur, Nepal. Before he was born, his family migrated to Parsa from Mudhe, a small village in Sindhupalchok. He got married to Sheli Thapa Magar, and they both have two children. Since childhood, Nima wanted to become a very famous artist and had a deep passion for music. After he finished schooling, he joined his brother's friends Rabi, Saroj, and Bire and started singing and playing guitar in their band 'The Bass.' Although he spent about three years with the band, he couldn't gain popularity due to a lack of resources. Later, he joined another band, 'The Peace', with his friend Jyoti Ratna Bajracharya. The band composed its first song, ' Aai Deu Priya', which was recorded at Sanga Recording Studio.

The band became very famous in Nepal, and Nima got his first chance to participate in the Rara Nepali Pop Music Competition in 1992 and won 2nd prize. Mr. Anil Sthapit and Him Dai from Harati Cassette Centre were so impressed by his voice that they included his song in their pop collection and released it. The song went viral, and the band started getting concert invitations. However, the band later decided to split owing to the different tastes in music of the band members.

Therefore, Nima began to pursue a singing career as a solo performer in 1993. So, he recorded his first solo song, Jadaichu Tadha Tadha, which he also wrote himself. This marked the beginning of his journey as an individual singer. His song became a major hit, and people started admiring him for his melodious voice and songs. In the next two to three years, Nima wrote and sang four to five singles for different album collections, such as Ujaad Mero Jeevanma, Pagal Premi, and Block Heel Shoes, and they all turned out to be super hits. Gradually, he became one of the best Nepali stage performers.

Nima also worked in a couple of Nepali restaurants, bars, and casinos to earn money to launch his solo album. One day, he met Pushkar, one of his regular customers, who helped him by offering Rs. 10,000 to record the album. The money helped him to record and release his first solo album called Suna Suna in 1994. In 1996, he recorded his second album, Nima - Memories, at Santana Records. Its song 'Ms Catwalk' went viral. His fans also appreciated him for his performance in the music video.

After a while, Nima left Nepal and moved to Hong Kong with his wife but he never left writing songs. He began to write some new songs and composed music in a different style. He returned to Nepal in 2000 and recorded his third album, Huri Bataas. Some of its music videos, such as Anjaan Mayalu and Jaadaichu Ma Hai Videshma, were particularly enjoyed by the fans. The album became the most selling album of the year in 2000 and 2001, and it also won The Best Album of the Year Award at Hits FM Music Award. After the huge success of his third album, Nami recorded his fourth album, Lolita, in May 2002. Some of his other albums are Faith (2004), Pride (2006), and Rangau Ki Ma (2011). Besides, he has also worked in Nepali movies such as Ma, Visa Girl, Kagbeni, and Tshering.



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