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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Buhari is a Nepali series starring Laxmi Giri Laxmi Giri, or Laxmi Paudel, is a Nepalese stage, >> Read More... , Laxman Bikram Basnet Laxman Bikram Banset is an actor in the Nepalese f >> Read More... , Anita Baiju, Ramchandra Bohara, Rasmi Pandey, Anjana Ghimire, Mahesh Thapa and others. This series is a sentiment-focused show, with tear-jerking incidents thrown at us repeatedly. It also tackles social issues, such as a spouse separated from her husband and how difficult it is to run a household from that angle.

The story zeroes in on a humble gatherer from her village, whose social status could be higher. She wakes up early every morning and does chores around her house, like milking the cow, sweeping the floor, and whatnot, while her mother-in-law sleeps and does nothing the whole day. The next day is also hectic since she wakes up to gather leaves and food and takes them to the market. She sells her collected milk from the cow while talking with the milkman.

The story proceeds as we follow her to the water pump, where she gets water and talks with fellow maidens at the site. And it looks as if they are living better lives than her since while they happily talk about their conditions, the main character only looks ahead with pain in her eyes. She then returns to her home, only to do more house chores. The mother-in-law despises this girl owing to the amount of disinterest she shows.

She keeps giving her more and more work as she just stands on, watching her suffer. The girl sheds tears multiple times, not liking the current state that she is in. At the very end, viewers get to know that a husband is not present in her life, whom she very much misses. She keeps his photo close to her chest and cries. Her day ends by crying herself to sleep.