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Sakkigoni Nepali TV SHOWS on Himalaya Television
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Sakkigoni is a Nepali television sitcom written and directed by Arjun Ghimire Arjun Ghimire is a famous actor from Nepal. He is >> Read More... and produced by JPT Creations Private Limited. Streaming began in 2019. The main actors in the program are Arjun Ghimire, Kumar Kattel, Rakshya Shrestha Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Hari Niraula, and Sagar Lamsal.

Sakkigoni takes place in an imaginary Nepali village. The show revolves around the daily lives of villagers and their rural lifestyle. It highlights the traditions, characteristics, and challenges faced by the villagers. Each character brings a unique flavor to the storyline. It is super fun to watch, filled with comedy and drama. It has a big fanbase due to its relatable portrayal of rural life and humor.