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Sauteni Aama Nepali TV SERIALS on YouTube Channel
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Sauteni Aama Official is a well-known Nepali comedian acknowledged for her amusing comedy work. She has an enormous following on her channel on YouTube thanks to her distinct and accessible style. Sauteni Aama Official primarily develops skits and comedy films that reflect diverse scenarios in everyday life in a hilarious manner. Her films frequently address social concerns and ethnic irony, which have struck a chord with a broad demographic. However, some of her skits have received backlash from various sources due to the nature of her program. However, she has cleared up the air by saying that her serials are for comedic purposes only and not meant to hurt anybody.

Under the name "Sauteni Aama," a Nepali series is also produced by notable persons such as Sarada Giri Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Dhanaram Mushkan, Narayan Nepal, Asmita Basnet, Gita Thapa, Laxmi Timalsina, Diyani Giri, Paridhi Nepal, Gokarna Acharya, Yadhav Thapa, Rakchya Sapkota, Sumi Bhatrai Sukdev Ghole, Niraj Rajhaure and others. The series revolves around a small girl who is milling around happily since it is her mother's wedding day. Her mother's union is a second marriage. At another place, parties from both the bride and groom are present to witness this union. The mother looks happy to be a part of this ceremony. Her daughter goes around to various people discussing the marriage, including an elderly lady and two younger maidens who just happened to cross paths with her.

Sometime later, after the ceremony, the newlywed couple goes over to their home, and her child welcomes them dutifully. She is also very excited about this new chapter in her life, and she makes them feel comfortable in the house. She gives them a hot beverage and the mother hugs her child with love. Outside the home, a suspicious stranger talks to an unidentified individual over the phone, which can be malevolent and manifest only in future episodes.

This series brings a social connotation to the table, trying to extinguish the flames of discrimination concerning remarriage and that women, too, can be happy and do not need to stay as widows and suffer. Another social message they enunciate is the child since she is not necessarily sad or bogged down by the weight of her mother's marriage. Instead, she accepts it wholeheartedly, which is not represented in mainstream media much.