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Sheela Kansakar Karkee

Nepali Entrepreneur Sheela Kansakar Karkee
  • Gender : Female
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Sheela Kansakar Karkee joined the Nepal Police after receiving her Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees. She spent 28 years, working in the Nepal Police's Computer Technology division. She joined the police department as an Inspector and Analyst/Programmer. Karkee’s position as a System Analyst was crucial in the design and development of the software to computerize all of the information in Nepal Police. Karkee was one of the team leaders that formed the Computer Section in Nepal Police in 2046 BS. Her most significant contribution to the IT industry, in her opinion, was the creation of the IT Directorate in the Nepal Police. Karkee spent most of her life and her professional life advancing the IT industry.

In the Nepal Police, where information is essential, particularly in the fields of security and investigation, Karkee created her career and spent most of her life contributing to the development of the IT sector. Karkee is an executive member of the CAN Federation, a life member of the JICA Alumni Association of Nepal, a member of the Socio-Economic Development for Energetic Women and Centre for Disaster Management Studies, and the vice president of Women in Information Technology. Sheela Kansakar Karkee received the Ncell Women Icon ICT Award 2022 at the Info Developers ICT Awards 2022 grand finale event held at The Soaltee Kathmandu.


Born: 17 June 2000

Age Now 24

Supriya Maskey - (Model)