Maria Wasti, born on 14th August 1971, is a Pakistani Television & Film actress and host. Pakistan’s first private (non-government owned) channel launched in the 1990s, Network Television Marketing, featured contents that grasped attention and interests of the younger generation of the society, and hence, fascinated Maria to become an actress. Maria has done over 50 serials and a huge number of assorted plays. She started her career with the play ‘Sarah Aur Ammara’ for which she was approached by Bakhtiar Ahmed, the programme manager PTV Lahore Centre.

The story depicted the life of two sisters and their life-circumstances. After this, she bagged roles in various other teleplays in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad centres for PTV. Although, Wasti’s parents wanted her to become a doctor they supported her every decision regarding her career. She has been appreciated and considered as one of the most prominent actresses of Pakistan for her plays like Bano Qudsia’s ‘Kallo’ and ‘Baadlon Par Basera’. She has also played roles delineating real life stories of Salma Murad and Lenin Peace Prize winner Bilquis Edhi. Maria has always supported women empowerment and has been part of various campaigns promoting women’s equality and freedom.

She has also won Lux Style Award for Best Actress (Film) and Lux Style Award for Best TV Actress.