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Rajkumar R Pandey

Bhojpuri Director Rajkumar R Pandey
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Rajkumar R Rajkumar R is a good looking actor who has predomi >> Read More... . Pandey was born on 6th October 1972 in Gonda state, and created his career within the Bhojpuri Industry as a director. He's conjointly best-known for his work as a film writer, producer, and music composer. He has his own production company referred to as Saideep films. Several of his movies include ‘Mahiya,’ ‘Lagaal Rahe ae Rajaji,’ ‘Deewana,’ ‘Truck Driver,’ etc.

Rajkumar started his career as an assistant director within the film ‘Salaami’ (1994) and ‘Udhar ki Zindagi.’ He has conjointly directed around 300 episodes of tv drama. Steps by step he moved to the Bhojpuri business and took it as a challenge to check his capabilities. In an interview, he mentioned that earlier he was uncertain regarding the Bhojpuri industry however eventually fell in love.

Rajkumar is married and has a son Pradeep Pandey (chintu). Rajkumar mentioned that chintu continuously wished to be a cricketer however finished being an excellent actor. He started his career with ‘Narsanhar’ and was directly cast for another movie “Deewana”. Rajkumar has given some nice movies with a robust message and has an earthy temperament. He's polite and humble with his words as well as action. Rajkumar contains a younger brother Manoj who is also an artist in Bhojpuri cinema. He claims that they never planned to be however somehow finished up creating a career within the industry.  


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