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Bhojpuri Tv Serial Misri - Rishtan Me Mithaas

Misri - Rishtan Me Mithaas Bhojpuri TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla
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Misri - Rishtan Me Mithaas is a Bhojpuri TV serial. It premiered on 17th October 2022. It aired on the Zee Ganga channel. It comes under the drama and romance genres. It has one season with more than 90 episodes. The cast includes Soumitrisha Kundu (Misri) and Adrit Roy Adrit Roy is an Indian Bengali model and actor who >> Read More... (Siddharth) in the leading roles. The story starts with a young and independent girl, Misri. Misri is an excellent cook and a sweetmaker. She works as a sweetmaker. She wants to make her sweets become the most popular sweets in the city. He is a hard-working girl and loves her work. She makes sweets in her home and sells them to a well-known sweet company owned by Siddheshwar. Misri has been selling her sweets in the same shop for a long time.

Misri and Siddeshwar share a good relationship. He looks at Misri like her own child. Misri and her mother and sister live with their aunt’s family, who do not like them. Misri’s aunt forces her to marry someone to fulfill her selfish intentions. However, Misri escapes with her family before the marriage can take place. Siddeshwar helps Misri and her family by giving them shelter in his home. Siddeshwar fixes Misri’s marriage with Som, his grandson. Before their marriage, his cousins convinced Som not to marry Misri. Som leaves Misri alone on the stage. Siddharth, another grandson of Siddeshwar, offers to marry her instead to end her humiliation. But Siddharth does not want to do his husbandly duties. Misri, however, accepts her fate.

Siddharth’s friend, Torsha, loves him. She is furious with the marriage. She plans to conspire against them to break the marriage. She starts stirring problems between them. Siddeshwar wants to add Misri to their sweet business as she has experience. Siddharth does not want to include Misri in their business. Later, Misri joins the business, and her experience and input bring positive change in their profits. However, personal problems between Misri and Siddharth continue.

Torsha creates misunderstandings between them and cunningly makes them divorce each other. Siddharth’s family, however, evokes Siddharth’s love for Misri. When Misri leaves his home to go back to her village, Siddharth realizes he loves her and makes her come back. Both have gradually started to love each other and are happy with their marriage. But Torsha includes Siddharth’s brother in her evil plans. Together, they try to break their marriage for their selfish benefit.




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