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Assamese Tv Actress Nishita Goswami
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Nishita Goswami who works in Assamese language films as an actress. She has acted in many Assamese films and stage plays. Goswami is an Assamese and she is the daughter of well known actors Moloya Goswami Moloya Goswami is an Indian actress who works in t >> Read More... and Pradip Goswami. she lives in Guwahati. Goswami started out as a child artist with her debut film Prem Rati Phula Phool and starred in Mon films in Assamese in 2002 and in Bengali in 2003 (contradictory. Ravi Sarma and Kopil Bora Kopil Bora predominantly works in Assamese project >> Read More... ), which was considered her first Bengali film. The film became very successful and became the star of the Assamese cinema. She got married to Sayan Chakravarty who is a Bengali and a computer engineer and Shillong businessman in 2011. After Mon, she starred in many theater and VCD films such as Rong, Kadambari, Collie, Suren Suror Putek, Adhinayak, Monjai, Dhan Kuberor Dhan etc. Nishita Goswami is a famous Assamese actress born in Guwahati, Assam. Nishita's father, Pradip Goswami, has been employed as an Engineer on the Assam State Electricity Board. Nishita attended school at Kendriya Vidyalay, Jagi Road, Assam, and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Handique Girls College, Guwahati. Along with her busy acting career, she completed a Masters Degree in Education of Teachers (M.Ed) at the University of Guwahati and also did a Diploma in Mass Communication from the Regional Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication (RIJAM), Assam.

She is also the Sangeet Visharad in Classical Music at the Butkhande Music Institute. The foundation for Nishita's role in imitation was laid ahead, at the age of 6. Her first film presence was a child in Sagar Sangam Sarkar's 'Rati Phula Phool' in 1988. After that, she began to participate in various cultures. jobs. Her performances in stage plays such as 'Adhyay', 'Hepahor Ghor', 'Ghoduli', etc. have shown her skill and love of acting. Her real film career began in 2002 with the film 'Mon' directed by a prominent film director, Bani Das Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . It has been a major trading success in Assam. she made several films after that and established her authority in the Assamese film industry. she has starred in films such as 'Kadambari', 'Dinabandhu', 'Astaraag' and 'Mon Jai' who have won several National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... . she also produced a Bengali film called 'Coolie', directed by Swapan Saha Swapan Saha is a Bengali film Director born on 10 >> Read More... , with Mithun Chakravarty leading. One of her films, 'Ramdhenu', is a major commercial success in the history of Assamese Cinema.

The film is directed by Munim Barua and shot in Kerela. Nishita is currently the most famous actress in the Assamese film industry. Nishita Goswami married Sayan Chakravarty, a Shillong businessman on November 21, 2012. Sayan is the youngest son of a prominent Chakravarty family living in the famous house, 'Jitbhumi' in Shillong. It was at 'Jitbhumi' that Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore lived at the same time in Shillong and wrote the famous drama, 'Raktakarabi', and the poem, 'Shillong er Chilti', etc. Nishita is married and lives in Shillong and lives with her husband and guests. she travels to Assam often with large assignments and takes care of her beloved 'Arohan' play school in Beltola, Guwahati.